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Commanding the Earth to Bring Forth

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Every man was equipped and empowered by God to reign on earth as king. There is no one that God designed to be a slave or poor man on earth. We find ourselves in such conditions through our choices and ignorance. The purpose of this book is to teach on how to possess all the resources that are yours on earth and how to exercise your God-given authority in the earth realms as a man.
See,you’re not made to suffer on earth. You’re not designed to live like a beggar on earth. God did not plan your life to be complicated as it is today. You are His investment on earth, you can’t be a nobody. You are God’s finished product, you can’t be inferior!
Something great is about to happen in your life as you go through the pages of this book. You are about to receive a divine lift that will make you prosperous and help you to recover all that you have ever lost.

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