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Managing Her Assets: A Boxed Set of Four Steamy Romances

73 pages1 hour


The Battle To Stay On Top, Two billionaires clash in the boardroom and the bedroom, until one of them comes out on top.

Life Lessons Taught By A Master, is about a young woman willing to take lessons in love from a very wealthy man, so she’s invited to stay a few months in his mansion. Once there, she allows others on his staff to further enhance her education and the will of her lover, and master.

Taming The Cat & The Brat, is about a model leaving a fancy hotel after getting the part in a sitcom, and finding that her car won’t start. An apparent billionaire comes to the rescue, takes her home to his white cat who normally hates everyone, and the evening quickly escalates into a fun evening of hot love and light BDSM. The model is rapidly turned on, if she can overlook the cat staring at them both from the arm of the sofa.

Putting On The Corset For Charity, is about a young woman who volunteers to be at a charity auction and ends up with an evening she will never forget; along with the man of her dreams – a charismatic German billionaire with a large appetite and propensity for kinky and sexy games.

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