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Foundations of Overcoming Evil: How to Start With Deliverance Ministry

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The Starting Point for Deliverance Ministry.

Apostle Les starts the Overcoming Evil by taking you through some of the basics of what is commonly known as the ministry of deliverance. In this book you will learn enough to not only break free of demonic problems in your own life, but you will also be able to help others who need deliverance.

Deliverance has become a big subject. There are those who think this is all they are called to. And then there are those who do not believe it. The truth is that there is evil in the world and people need to be set free to live the life that God has for them. This book lays a foundation that you can start on as you learn to set people free from bondage and deliver them from evil.

Sections in This Book:
- How I learned about demons and deliverance
- How Satan Gets In
- Breaking Curses
- Health, Wealth and Happiness

Bonus Section
- Discerning of Spirits

This book is Volume 1 of 3 in the Overcoming Evil Trilogy - Your complete guide to Deliverance Ministry

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