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Blank Canvas (Beyond Happily Ever After) - Kit Rocha

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Beyond Happily Ever After

Blank Canvas

Before You Leave Sector Four

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Caution: this story is not meant to stand alone. The Beyond Happily Ever After stories are vignettes and outtakes showing the O'Kanes in their daily lives, in between the adventures and often after their happy endings. These stories were written exclusively for readers and fans of the series, and will probably not make very much sense to anyone not familiar with the characters. The stories are also available for free at

If you know all of that and bought this story anyway...thank you for your support! 

Blank Canvas

There are a lot of different ways to take care of the people you claimed as your own. In this short story, Cruz has a surprise for Ace that results in a road trip, a hot night with Rachel, and a new hope for their future.

Length: 6,300 words

Characters: Ace, Cruz & Rachel

Timeline: Set between Beyond Innocence and Beyond Ruin

Blank Canvas

Ace had never been more than a dozen miles past the outer boundaries of the sectors before. Hell, he'd rarely been outside of Sector Four, except for those tense, uncomfortable years when his job had been to charm the panties off the rich ladies in Eden.

They'd left the sectors behind hours ago. Eden wasn't even visible in the rearview mirror—though that probably wasn't distance. No, the only goddamn thing in their rear view was a string of almost identical giant hills and baby mountains, but Cruz had been maneuvering around and between them like he had a map lasered on the backs of his eyelids.

We're getting close, Cruz murmured as he nodded ahead of them. The mountains gave way to something more familiar on their left—abandoned buildings with caved-in ceilings and trees growing through them. Bent signs leaned precariously next to the cracked road, too rusted to give a hint about where they