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How to Get Great Customer Service

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Every one of us was, is, and will be a customer at some point in our lives. As consumers we expect a certain degree of service that will satisfy our needs in a timely, cost-effective, and friendly fashion. We want our needs and desires for products and services satisfied quickly, efficiently, and courteously.

Yet customer service really is a two-way street. The company you deal with has to provide you with great customer service, but in order to do that, you the customer must understand what that great customer service entails. Once you do, you will have the skills and knowledge on how to get great customer service.

How To Get Great Customer Service will teach you the skills you need to use in everyday dealing with product and service providers. Whether you are purchasing a pack of gum, or getting your entire home remodeled, How To Get Great Customer Service will teach you how to get it by:

Treating employees with kindness and respect

Understanding return and satisfaction policies

Noting payment methods

Telling companies about both the good and bad service you receive

Understanding sales

Learning why the customer is not always right

Knowing what are you buying

Checking your change

How to Get Great Customer Service is a book that every consumer can benefit from. The companies we buy from and the employees we deal with are not the only people in the customer service equation. By understanding great customer service concepts and practicing the skills presented in this book, you will consistently get yourself great customer service.

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