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Winter's Edge

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Growing up in a state hospital like Creedmore could have broken Ena's spirit, but instead it gave her the will and drive to seek out the mother who had abandoned her there as a child. Her search leads her at last to a small town near the Shawangunk Mountains in upstate New York. Yet after moving to Harlow, she hesitates to make contact with her mother.

Instead, hired to collate archaeological documents at the local college, Ena is drawn into unraveling the mystery of a dig that is being sabotaged, and helping the Welsh-born detective Galen Hill find a killer.

When she discovers artifacts stored from a dig in Peru, handwritten archaeological journals lead her to a curious connection between the artifacts themselves and the intricacies of an old video game about a legendary journey through time. What she doesn’t know is that her research is a threat to someone who isn’t willing to let the truth be known. The closer she comes to a solution, the more real danger waits for her.

To her surprise, her involvement with Galen grows stronger and deeper as together they seek to reveal their adversary. Gradually, in the midst of the chaos and darkness of what unfolds, Ena begins to find a way to let go of the past...

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