God of Nightmares: Dardanos, Co., #10

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God of Nightmares: Dardanos, Co., #10

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars4.5/5 (2 ratings)
Length: 95 pages1 hour


Acylias was one of the most ancient and powerful gods. He searched the worlds for the lost shifters as a bird of prey, and knew he was a terrifying sight. All feared him. And he liked it that way.

He would not be brought low by a half-human, half-witch female of less than thirty years!

Until her arrow sent him hurtling from the sky.

Teagan Taniss would defend her children however she could. She’d fended off demons and before, and she’d face them all again if it would keep her family safe. And something was coming for them all…

Teagan had to make a choice—go with the shifter in front of her promising protection, or stay and defend her children alone.  She had only minutes to decide…

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