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Growing Courageous Girls: How to Raise Authentic, Strong, And Savvy Girls in Today's Mixed-Up Culture

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Growing Courageous Girls is THE quintessential resource for raising girls in the current culture. Culture is the air we breathe. We take it in, absorb it, taking it for granted. While women have greater opportunity than ever before, there is a strong, lingering substrate of toxic cultural messages and stereotypes that are disrespectful, belittling, and limiting to women. Problem is, our children absorb them and are affected before anyone knows that there is a problem.

Growing Courageous Girls will raise your awareness. It provides powerful tools to help protect and empower your daughters by helping them to truly love themselves unconditionally, appreciate being Female, and develop their unique Female powers. You’ll help them recognize, overcome, and transcend limiting cultural messages, and live into happy, successful, and meaningful lives, radiating their true unique glory!

In the process, you will prevent, heal, or reduce the common mother-daughter conflict so many parents experience. Your relationship will become richer, closer, more respectful, and meaningful.

Also, as you strengthen your daughters, YOU will become more positively empowered yourself!

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