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The Wheel of Change Tarot

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Originally published as a boxed set in 1997, The Wheel of Change Tarot companion book is now available separately. Included in the print version of the book are descriptions of the symbolism and reading interpretations for each of the 78 cards, as well as black and white images of each one. Ten years in the making, The Wheel of Change Tarot is a unique and brilliant creation. The rich and detailed watercolors remain true to the traditional structure of the Tarot, but infuse it with layers of pattern and meaning drawn equally from the natural world, Goddess-centered beliefs, traditional religions, and contemporary culture. In doing so, The Wheel of Change Tarot transcends any single belief system. It enables a realization of the deep interconnected nature of all things and of the eternal cycle of transformation, of change, that is the only constant in the world. The Wheel of Change Tarot book includes many new spreads for doing both simple and sophisticated readings, a solitaire game designed to help beginners familiarize themselves with the Tarot, and guides to astrology and symbolism that will help readers develop their own philosophical system. Also included in the book is a new and completely original underlying pattern for the cards of the major arcana. Titled "The Tarot Tree", it helps people learn and understand the archetypes more easily and completely, and establishes several profound interrelated groupings, which lead to a new understanding of the structure of the major arcana. In addition, there is a philosophical commentary by Stanley V. McDaniel, Professor Emeritus, Sonoma State University, with whom Alexandra studied in the 1970s.

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