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Great Minds

324 pages5 hours


Anala and Velena are Great Minds, young scientists recruited into a government program devoted to saving their sky-high utopian city. Despite decades of repairs, the infrastructure is failing, but Anala has a scientific breakthrough that could change the path of humanity. She is the first to admit that her plan is extreme, and the government officials quickly divide over what to do, especially when their salvation depends on a dangerous excursion to the hostile surface.

Velena has caught the eye of a dangerous politician who could prevent her from contributing to the city’s salvation. Longing to escape, she discovers circumstances are more desperate than she thought, and she can no longer wait while Anala climbs the political ranks.

When Velena gains a spot on the critical excursion team, her opportunity to escape the oppression is too good to pass up, but can she threaten her best friend's chance to save the city in order to save herself?

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