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Billionaire Misery: Fortune Riders MC Series, #3

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Billionaire Misery

Book 3 in the Fortune Riders MC Series

Craig desperately wants to help absolve Morgan of the murders that have been pinned on him, and prove that, while he had committed a great wrong, he was still down to ride with Morgan all the way to the end of the road. But things get complicated quickly when Jessie, a stunning woman with a secretive past and a body that won’t quit, rides into Craig’s life as part of the OutKasts, one of the Orphan’s biggest rival crews.

It doesn’t take long for sparks to fly between the two, but can love survive dark secrets that can and will change everything and test not just their love, but their divided loyalties as well?

Katie's not your usual rich girl, and Morgan's not your typical biker. Falling for each other is inevitable, but what will happen when their worlds collide?

Book 1 - Billionaire Biker
Book 2 - Billionaire Ransom
Book 3 - Billionaire Misery

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