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Woodworking For Beginners: 101 for Starting Your Project Today!

68 pages29 minutes


You can finally start your project TODAY! 

Woodworking is so much fun when you learn the essential skills!

Not only will you learn all the essential skills, you will also take several steps further in your woodworking learning process!

Just take a look at what you are getting: 

- Recommended Tools for the Beginner

- Layout Tools

- Safety Gear, Appropriate Clothing and Safety Advices

- Conditioning and Cleaning Your Tools

- Upgrading Your Power Tools

- Basic Types of Woodworking Cuts: Plain Sawing, Quarter Sawing, Rift Sawing, Pre-Cut Wood

- Basic Types of Woodworking Joinery: Mitered Butt Joint, Half Lap Joint

- Sanding Methods and Choosing the Appropriate Sandpaper

- After Sanding, What’s Next?

- Finishing: Staining, Varnishing and Lacquering

- Different Types of Wood: Softwood Varieties, Hardwood Varieties

- Selecting the Right Wood to Use for Your Projects

- Top Woodworking Tips and Mistakes

- ***2 Bonuses***

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