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Who's Next?

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We have lived in a male-dominated Society since Time immemorial. As Christians we are indoctrinated to fear both death and life and always plead to God the Father when in trouble even swear using His Son's name. The Father never hears our pleas it would seem. Some of us wonder where God the Mother is and is She also subservient to God the Father? Based upon our only experience here on Earth this would appear to be correct. However, equally omnipotent deities may operate in another fashion?
Anagrammatic Justus Riches is indoctrinated by religion and obsessed by sex clashing with living. Government National Health Sex Surrogacy is no help so he attempts Ouija research to help him understand what it's all about.
God the Father chooses to reincarnate a discarnate entity as the experiment for his new planned method of enlightening mankind not based on sacrificial Messiahs but by teaching individuals to understand and unlearn their personal indoctrination. This reincarnated entity will be sent back to Earth to find, help guide, teach and enlighten someone with a similar fetish thereby removing mutually learned obsessions. However, being annoyed by the male concept of 'Word made flesh,' God the Mother has decided to interfere, as all females do, to experience first-hand the joy of Earthly Life.
In Her plan She is confident Her modification of the Father's plan will be better than just sending Messiahs or teachers as the education of individuals will be personal direct experiences rather than education by indoctrination and human added concepts as has been the way so far. They both know the process will be slow but 'Who's Next?'

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