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Love Over Envy (BWWM Pregnancy Romance Novel)

194 pages5 hours


This is a standalone full-length BWWM romance novel with NO cliffhangers and a guaranteed HEA! 

Genevieve Mauricette is an ambitious French Creole black woman from the South who has just moved to a Northern city to fulfill her dream of becoming a famous editor. Genevieve's friend from work Greta drags her along to a salsa club where she meets a sweet talking white man named Sam Andover. 

Genevieve is initially unimpressed by Sam's smooth talking ways, but when he fends off an assailant, she starts to wonder if he's more than what he seems... 

Sam isn't the man Genevieve thought he was. Although he is an incredibly wealthy CFO for Apex Development, his humble roots make him more down to earth than anyone Genevieve has met since she moved North. 

Sam and Genevieve seem like the perfect couple, until Genevieve's life starts mysteriously falling apart. Who could possibly be so envious that they would try to destroy everything Genevieve has worked for, including her new relationship? 

While Sam and Genevieve try to figure out who is playing puppet master with their lives, an unexpected contraceptive failure makes a resolution more urgent than ever. 

There are more than two lives at stake and the envious villain will stop at nothing to get their way... 

Author's Warning: 

This African American romance novel is for mature audiences 18+ only due to some sexually explicit content. No characters are blood relatives and all are 18 years or older. If you are troubled by the idea of a gorgeous, black bbw falling for a rich, sensual white man... read no further. I must warn you as well, the villain of this story is nefarious and cruel beyond expectations.

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