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Fourteen-year-old Patrick Eaton was raised on the amazing tales of his forefathers, each of whom were intrepid explorers in their own times. But here in the twenty-first century, Patrick seriously doubts whether he will have a similar opportunity. The world is just too small now... and all the frontiers are gone. On his last day of middle school, Patrick anticipates spending another ordinary summer with his grandfather. But when he arrives home, news of a family misfortune compels him to reconsider his life and the people he cares about. And like all hardships, this one has a silver lining... Patrick is offered the incredible opportunity to accompany his father (a geologist) on a business trip to Azerbaijan. The night before they leave, his grandfather hands him a mysterious gift – making Patrick promise not to open it until his journey is under way. Twenty-four hours later, Patrick unwraps a secret family journal that leads him and his father on an unexpected adventure across the Silk Road. Along the way, they discover secret codes, ancient cultures, political intrigue, buried treasure... and family legacies.

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