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Dark Escape

237 pages3 hours


Readers both young and old will enjoy following Tara on this epic Fantasy Advendure as she escapes the evil clutches of dark forces before traveling back in time to meet her doppelganger who had posession of and hid the key that locks and unlocks the portal to the dark side: The Crystal Key.


"The plot was very interesting and quite different to previous things I've read. There were some surprises along the way but there was also some guessable turns, however it was still a lot of fun.
I felt that there was a good story-line underneath everything and it turned out really well in the end because everything else (characters, pace, writing style, etc) worked well together creating a great story."

"Eileen was able to deliver the perfect amount of tension and carry out the scenes very well. This showed just how much of a great writer she was and created contrast within the story."

"This book combined many different elements, but Eileen combined them in a successful manner that really made it both easy and fun to read and understand."

Part 1: DARK ESCAPE begins the story of innocence, love, deceit, and wonder.

When eighteen year old Tara O’Shea moves into a dilapidated country estate she inherited from her grandmother, two handsome men come into her life. While both are vying for her love, one is actually a demonic soldier who has an ulterior motive. He is stalking her in order to gain possession of a crystal key that, unbeknownst to her, is hidden somewhere in her house. This very special key has the power to lock or unlock the portal to the evil Shadow Land. Fearing he’s losing ground to her other suitor, the soldier forces the issue with the help of his demonic creatures. Escaping is no easy task! She’s grateful for the assistance of a magic woman, but will it be enough?

Part 2: THE SEARCH FOR THE CRYSTAL KEY takes Tara and Brandon travel back in time, they discover that Tara meets her doppelganger, Lucy.
Going back in time exposes Tara to a world that no longer exists in her future life. It's a world where wizards and enchantresses do battle for supremacy and witch doctors lay in wait for a delicious taste of human flesh while shape shifters abound. Danger, heart ache, discovery and love mix in with the adventure as they search for the Crystal Key to Shadow Land.

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