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Writers on... Atheism: (A Book of Quotations, Poems and Literary Reflections)

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Writers on… Atheism' provides the ultimate literary definition of atheism. It contains a vast array of atheism quotes, arguments for and against this 'new religion', as well as a history of atheism. A fascinating look into the links between religion and morality, this book provides an inspirational look at great minds, atheist authors, and their thoughts on both old and new atheism. Showcasing the writing of some of the world’s most influential sceptics, and the battles of atheism vs. Christianity, and atheism vs. agnosticism, this collection makes for some thoroughly thought-provoking reading.

The 'Writers on…' series is a collection of extracts, anecdotes and occasional philosophical musings from the world's most well known authors. This book of quotes, inspirational poems, letters, and quips, celebrates writers who have an individual, creative outlook on the world; on subjects from 'drink' to 'death', and 'love' to 'libraries'. Starting with ancient civilisations and moving towards the present day, this anthology of intellectual, inspirational and often funny quotes, provides a fascinating insight into a vast array of topics.

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