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Time Within Time

Length: 345 pages5 hours


A metal capsule that turns out to be a modern mobile laboratory is found a mile underground, embedded in solid coal three hundred million years old. Impossible?

Matt Ross, an out-of-work scientist temporarily working as a miner in a Yorkshire coal mine, is abruptly brought back into his professional environment when signs of life are detected within an undisturbed solid coal face, a coal face which hasn’t been disturbed since the start of its evolution from prehistoric vegetation into coal three hundred million years ago. This unbelievable event not only marks his return to the world of science, and the beginning of a working relationship with another scientist, Doctor Jeff Braden, but also their involvement with other people of science with the capability to travel and communicate through dimensional space–time.
Matt and his new colleague are immediately given the job of investigating the phenomena by their superior at the government research lab, Professor McKay, a grumpy middle-aged man. When the two colleagues disappear McKay is helped by his beautiful lady-friend, Professor Flossy Palmer, a brilliant scientist specialising in quantum science. The story goes into the illogical realms of quantum events, with the possibility of duo effects that permit the folds of flat space–time to roll back into itself, this method being eventually used to bring all involved back to the beginning, before the unusual event occurred. Or so it appears ...

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