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Ignition Source

Length: 67 pages59 minutes


Late at night, at a huge warehouse, a disabled security guard expects another boring, routine shift of work. That’s fine by him: he’s a war veteran who lost an arm in combat and he doesn’t need any new dangers in his life. Unfortunately, the night is about to bring terrors that the guard is utterly unprepared for...

First there are intruders. Are they thieves, arsonists or something else?
Then there is a raging fire. Caused by who... or what?
Horrific murders follow...
And a monstrous secret that is both alive and utterly lethal.

In the face of challenges which make him doubt his sanity, can he survive..?

‘Ignition Source’ is the fourth in the series of Short Horror Tales - quick reads written to captivate the reader with thrills, chills and unexpected twists.

Here are some reviews from this author’s horror releases:
“...extremely well written and very dark. The author did a great job of creating a palpable sense of doom that surrounds the main character from the beginning, and then creating more tension and horror as the story went on...” (Into The Hole)
“...well-written, descriptive and enthralling page-turner, that’s not for the faint-hearted... The twists and turns kept me on the edge of my seat...” (God Of War)
“...thoroughly spooky, enticing and well written from start to finish.”
“...great... I could feel the fear...”
(Glancing Blow – Short Horror Tales #1)
“Great short story...” (Ignition Source – Short Horror Tales #4)

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