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Liberation Front: Resurrecting the Church

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The church is Heaven’s colony on Earth.
The Church is searching for a foundation and definition of purpose. Christian believers worldwide struggle to find their mission amidst a culture torn with moral controversy. It has been shattered by its own failures. Time honored traditions are quickly fading into history. How can this world-weary community raise their vision to become world-changers?
Liberation Front answers these core questions with biblical clarity and hope. It is a timeless message that gives a triumphant context through the ages. Providing a framework for how to live in community together, it resurrects its biblical commission. It tells the inspiring story of the power of the Church and the beauty of its eternal directive. The Church is a liberation front.
“For a number of years now I have admired Kemper Crabb's work with music. Now I hear he is branching out into wordsmithing and I look forward to seeing what that will bring.”
- Doug Wilson, Pastor, Theologian, Author

“Over the course of the last three decades, I have my known my friend Kemper Crabb to be one of the most remarkably creative, notoriously well read, fiercely orthodox, delightfully insightful, and resolutely visionary men of our day. I feel an anxious, anticipatory stirring whenever he undertakes a new project—certain that he will once again feed my soul just as surely as he will rattle my nerves.”
- George Grant, Pastor and Author

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