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Choices: On Geneva Shores, #5

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Melanie Holmes has her hands full when 15-year-old Keith and 13-year-old Anne react badly to Melanie's impending divorce from their father. Only four-year-old Jeffrey is his usual sunny self.

Further complicating her life is Melanie's attraction to Sam Hudson, the detective who goes to her home when Ken runs off, and who later rescues Anne after she is abducted from a strip club.

Sam is forced to confront his own demons as he contemplates becoming deeply involved with Melanie's family after she is seriously injured in the same car accident that kills her ex-husband. After she returns home, Melanie's kids tell her they want to marry Sam, even though he has yet utter the "M" word.

 How will Sam react when her kids do the proposing for him? Can the long-time bachelor commit himself to her and her children?

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