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Avian Biology: Volume I

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Avian Biology is a collection of papers that deals with biological aspects of birds such as their classification and habitat behavior. One paper reviews how birds are classified through practical systematics, study of fossils, and some of the problems encountered in the arrangement of major groups. Another paper discusses the origin and evolution of birds from their reptilian predecessors to their current evolutionary rates. Evolutionary rates vary depending on access to new habitats; if the environment is static, evolutionary rates can also slow down. One author discusses the inter-relations of sea birds with their marine environment, including coastal areas and the biological properties of the surface water. Another author describes the biology of desert birds relating to nomadism behavior and physical adaptations especially to the arid environment. The author also describes the cooling mechanism of these desert birds. Another paper evaluates the ecological aspect of behavior that includes foraging, habitat selection, mating, and flocking cohesion. Avian biologists, zoologists, and readers who have a general interest in birds will find this book useful.

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