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Leave the Angels to Worry

478 pages7 hours


A gifted but troubled youth Mako Zulinski is hurled headlong on paths he never intended or imagined. Pursuing a mysterious entity through the filaments of the inter-galactic Web for organized crime, Mako is ripped away from his spaceport home world.

Now alone and without any of his formidable electronic defenses he must survive on a primitive planet. Powerful enemies still pursue him in space, the Web, and here on a rustic world populated by another race.

This story follows Mako as he struggles to survive against his his enemies, his past, and strange paranormal events surrounding him on his new home world. In the process Mako and his new hosts are surprised by his exponential growth. Mako is soon hurled into the Civil wars breaking out across the galaxy within both the Drougue and Terran civilizations as the galaxy seems to decay around him.

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