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Bone of Loyalty

Bone of Loyalty

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Bone of Loyalty

127 pages
1 hour
Jan 29, 2016


Do you struggle with Sales? Do you fear selling? Would you like to learn how to keep customers for life? Is your business suffering? If so this book will benefit you because it will show you how to turn prospects into raving fans,earn their trust and keep your customers loyal with you. 

People will be begging to buy from you when you discover the secret to gaining and growing customer loyalty. Learn from Shanta, the dog who knows how to make unforgettable impression while building trust and credibility. After all, who knows more about loyalty than man's best friend?

If you follow the easy to understand steps in this book you too will know how to make instant connections with potential clients and customers. 

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Jan 29, 2016

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Book Preview

Bone of Loyalty - Patience Chee



Sales Tips from Man’s Best Friend

Hi, I’m Shanta! I know that it can be hard to get someone’s attention, especially when you are trying to get them to spend their hard-earned money.

Believe me, it wasn’t easy for me to attract the attention of Ora, even though I wagged my tail and barked excitedly every time she came near my pen at the pet shop. What does it take to get a lady interested in a dog like me?

The trick was, I had to stand out from all the other dogs at the shop. Sure, they’re all cute, and they all have their perks, but I wanted to be the one to get the customer to pick me! And, Ora were just the kind of prospect I was looking for.

I wish all the dogs at the pet shop could learn from me, so they can attract more of the right customers to become owners. In fact, I think my tips could help people, too—to learn to get the attention of more contacts and succeed in their own business goals, just like I helped the pet shop to sell me!

You have to learn how to present yourself, and that means finding your strengths as a business. Me, I just showed Ora how friendly and eager to please her I was. Then, to close the sale, I let her take me out of the pen for some trial playtime, and I was on my best behavior! Now, Ora are sure to stay happy with her purchase and return to the pet store for more products to keep our relationship happy.

You know what the best part was about making myself an appealing best friend to Ora? We both ended the transaction happy. My efforts provided a satisfactory pay-off for me and a good experience for Ora at the pet shop.

You can get a happy customer like Ora, too. Just follow me! You’ll be gaining new business in no time, and wagging your tail while doing it.

Prologue - (1)

Increasing the Force of your Presence

If you really want a great hold on the market, you have to be a Heart Stealer. (Oh, are you excited to become a Heart Stealer?) Look at me. I used to have a problem scratching myself all the time, and the customers thought I had fleas!

Well, if you want to attract prospective customers, you can’t get caught scratching yourself. So, I made sure to present myself in the best light whenever a customer entered the shop. To do that, I had to: change and improve my behavior, adjust my presentation to make myself more marketable, and use problem-solving skills to deal with those itches that came up in a way that didn’t scare off customers.

My motto is:

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

I can do all kinds of great tricks, like fetch a ball or shake hands, but I never got the chance to show off those abilities until I learned how to get pet shop customers to approach me in the first place.

That means I had to put myself out there. There are so many dogs in the shop; I needed a way to stand out from the pack. Barking at customers like crazy sure wasn’t accomplishing anything. I had to show Ora that I was the kind of dog who would be a faithful friend for life.

Prologue - (2)

Be Aware of What’s Trending

I lost your scent for a minute. Are you still following me? Good.

The question I needed to ask myself next was, How can I be the best dog I can be? or perhaps What will get a customer’s attention?

First of all, I know those designer breeds are all the rage right now. What are they called? Cockapoo. Maltipoo. Yorkipoo. Well, I’m not a poo kind of dog, but maybe I could determine what it is that pet shop customers are looking for in these breeds and use what works for me.

There are some things that simply have proven to work over and over again for any dog. For instance, you can never underestimate first impressions. The poo dogs may have a corner on the cute market, but I know how to present myself. Keeping a clean coat and putting on the I’m happy to see you! eyes goes a long way with people.

Let me train you in some of my techniques for marketing your business, increasing sales, providing excellent service, and building up those customer relationships. Some of my tricks can be picked up right away, others may take you a little time to learn (like when I learned how to go back to my kennel at Ora’s command), and some of these may not be for you.

Feel free to gobble the ones you like and kick dirt over the others. That reminds me, I know I buried a bone around here somewhere.

Prologue - (3)

How to Nail the Tricks

Just reading this book will not help you to improve your relationships with your customers. In order to really see results, you are going to have to practice, just like I did when I went to obedience school.

You’ll have to not only learn all the commands of satisfying your prospects and clients, but also make a habit of practicing all those tricks. Every new idea or piece of knowledge acquired must be put into use immediately for you to be effective.

Imagine if you took a dog to obedience school and had it watch all the other dogs behaving. When you got home, would you expect your dog to then listen to all your commands and behave perfectly? Of course not!

And, why not? Because the dog has not had any practice. I can tell you that I had to practice a lot before I became the well-behaved, trick nailing, good dog that I am today.

In short, to reap the benefits of obedience school, you have to let your dog actually participate in the exercises. And, so must you, if you want to increase your success in establishing long-term customer loyalty.

Who better to teach you about loyalty than man’s most faithful companion?

I will not lie to you. It’s not in a dog’s nature, after all. You will have to put in effort in order for the tricks in this book to work for you. You will have to take action. You will have to apply the ideas suggested to you. Are you ready for a course in obedience for customer loyalty?

Prologue - (4)

5 Steps on Learning & Application

Learning and retention are two different things. Remember obedience school? Just because you teach a dog a new trick doesn’t mean he remembers it when you get home. With that in mind, here are 5 steps to both learn and retain new information so that you can recall that information when needed:

1. Impact — This part of the process involves actually receiving an idea in your mind. Impact can occur from a word, a visual observation, or a concept. Human minds are pretty amazing, and yours won’t distinguish between where the impact comes from, whether a visual you see or an actual experience.

This is part of the reason why visualization exercises

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