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The Secret Place: The Garden of Love

Length: 224 pages5 hours


Come and meet Yeshua Adoni, your “Knight in Shining Armor”.  Yeshua, the Hebrew name for Jesus, is calling to you, “Come away with me, my Beloved.
If you are someone who has been “looking for love in all the wrong places,” as the old song says, then you need to read The Secret Place. Whether you are a Christian or not, you will be drawn close to Jesus and see that He loves you; indeed that He is the lover of your broken heart.
This allegory of love follows the Beloved as she faces many trials and tribulations. Jesus, however, is her Comforter and teaches her how to overcome them all. In “the secret place,” the quiet garden of the Lord, He heals her fears, hurts and injustices. Able now to move forward, she becomes strong for Him.
The Secret Place will introduce you to your Comforter and help you find healing from past traumatic experiences. A study guide is included for those who wish to continue in a deeper relationship with Jesus.

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