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Boxes (Pietrowski Family Saga, #1)

Length: 235 pages3 hours


This historical fiction thriller will keep you guessing as WWII saboteur Heinrich Mueller schemes to grab his revenge on the spoilers of his mission. Nine-year-old Max Pietrowski, his little brother Paul, and their friend Susan are creating fantasy worlds in their secret hideout, the storage room of an Oakhill, Massachusetts factory, when Heinrich Mueller sets the timer for bombs to detroy the building. It's August 16, 1943, the height of WWII. The factory makes weapons for the US military. The children interrupt Heinrich's strike, delay his escape, and prevent his hero's return to Germany. That violent day haunts the kids, but they keep the secret of how the factory exploded for nearly two decades. In 1961, Heinrich returns to Oakhill and, under the guise of an upstanding citizen, commits atrocities against Max's family. Max is pushed to the edge of reason. The only option he can imagine to protect the people he loves is murder. Boxes will intrigue you, inspire you, and stay with you long after you finish reading.

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