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Montgomery Vale: Scorched: MONTGOMERY VALE, #1

Length: 141 pages1 hour


Book 1 in a Series of Stand-alone Historical Thrillers  

The year is 1937 and England's well-respected investigator, Montgomery Vale, a bi-racial gentleman, is aboard the Hindenburg, determined to find answers about his family's mysterious past. But, even more disturbing events derail him.

Moments after discovering a dead man in the smoking lounge, a bomb goes off, downing the Hindenburg and hurdling Montgomery towards murderous conspirators and one equally distracting woman. Can Montgomery solve this well-calculated murder mystery before more lives are lost, including his own?

From an Amazon bestselling author, Montgomery Vale will enthrall historical mystery detective thriller readers. Montgomery Vale is perfect for fans who have devoured Alex Rosenberg's, The Girl from Krakow, Jeffrey Archer's Best Kept Secret, or Anthony Doerr, All the Light We Cannot See.

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