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The Dragon Twins: Pirate

Length: 511 pages8 hours


Captain Sara sets sail onto a troubled a sea in this sequel to The Dragon Twins: Princess.
Hoping to put land behind her and feel the winds on her face as she goes sailing, she soon encounters one problem after another. A mystery begins to unfold when a vessel in distress is unexpectedly encountered after a battle with pirates, and the dangers on the waters become very real as she tries to help an injured girl, one who reminds her of herself.
Swept into the outback of Australia as her mystery continues, Sara soon finds herself entwined with the fate of the aborigines when she finds herself a captive among them.
Hoping to continue her voyage around the world, her ship and resolve are pitted against child slavers, the most ruthless type of pirates still roaming the seas around her.
Once more, she must battle on sea and land to end this terror before her adventure comes to an end, and she can find home once more.
From Princess to Pirate, the world is now a different place as Sara calls the samurai crew of her frigate to quarters, and orders the guns readied for action.

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