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The Big Surprise & The Hermaphrodite

Length: 50 pages46 minutes


(WARNING! This Short Story contains EXPLICIT sex acts including multiple partners, multiple penetrations and many kinky sex acts. Please do not proceed if you are offended by XXX-rated porn-erotica.)

Double Erotica Two-Book Combo Explicit Stories by The Smith Couple
12,834 words.

Two Popular Volumes of Explicit Erotica by The Smith Couple

This collection of two XXX short stories includes:

Books within this collection include:

1) The Big Surprise: A Couple’s First Time With a Transgender

The couple picks up a hot blonde and a big breasted bartender, one of them turns out to have more than they expected!

The couple was having a drink at their local bar when a hot blonde Latin women is attracted to them. They retreat to a dark booth and proceed to do shots off various body parts, in front of other people. A bartender sees the scene and is titillated and joins the party when it moves to a nearby apartment. The night heats up as the lights go down and one of the women reveals she has a big surprise. Sex is XXX, multiple partners, anal, blowjob and multiple penetrations. Erotica as only the Smith couple can write! Too hot for bookstores!

2) The Hermaphrodite, A Couples First time experience

The couple was having drinks at a beachfront Mexican bar when they meet a hot local server girl and her amazing Blonde Latin friend. Things are not what they appear and the couple quickly adapts to the change in the most sexy way possible! The Couple explore the kinky world of a Hermaphrodite, with another woman. The foursome quickly turns kinky in this beachfront Mexican erotic short story, only The Smith Couple can write. A sizzling 7,188 words.

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