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The Hermetrius Conspiracy

354 pages5 hours


Jackson Preston just retired from the Federal Remediation Agency, a clandestine arm of the U.S. Government that “fixes” problems, after 30 years as an “Adjuster”. Without his wife, there didn’t seem to be a reason to go to work anymore. So he retired to a lakeside cabin in the mountains of West Virginia to enjoy nature, and heal his emotions. One bright spot was an email from Lynn, a woman he knew in high school, that has turned into an electronic relationship of sorts.
Then he got the letter warning him he was being watched – some unknown entity had him under surveillance. To find out who and why, Jack went through the records of his old missions and found one file that stood out. What he found in that file led him to a conspiracy to take over the country by controlling the next Presidential election, and it turned him into a wanted fugitive.
Lynn and three others join him as they are chased around the country while working to uncover the details of the conspiracy. Once they realize how deep and sinister the plot is, they create a plan to expose it and send the leaders to jail. But the leaders were ready for that.

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