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Beyond Home A Daughter's Journey

Length: 268 pages4 hours


Can a tyrant get away with murder? Will a naïve woman overturn a government? Solve the mystery in this family saga set in Burma.

If you are a fan of fast-paced, action adventure that combines corruption and murder with a family saga, then Beyond Home is for you.

Beyond Home has been called a 'terrific story by critics. In it, Robin Bower delivers a solid and well-plotted mystery.

Eve Robinson discovers a diary that reveals her father's life was a not quite what it appeared to be. He has not just been a public servant in Australia, but has a mysterious dark past in Burma far from Australian shores. Why did he lie to her? What really happened to her mother? 

Eve embarks on a thrilling journey to Burma to discover who her father was after his death. On the way, she is kidnapped and becomes part of political corruption and murder. She forges an unlikely bond with a charismatic Burmese soldier who will do anything to become the leader of the freedom fighters. 

How can Eve escape? Will her lover help her or fulfil his lifelong dream to be leader?

Searing, exhilarating and topical, Beyond Home puts a new spin on the family saga with hidden secrets and political intrigue.


A Terrific Story About a Young Woman's Search for her Father
“What's really great about 'Beyond Home', apart, that is, from being a terrific story and easy to read, is that it's set in an exotic part of the world that most of us know little about. So, as I follow Eve in her search for the father she never really knew and share fears of kidnapping, corruption and murder I discover something about Myanmar — what used to be Burma. This is really an unputdownable novel.” John Harman, author, ghostwriter, scriptwriter


You will keep reading this exotic story set in Burma to discover the hidden family secrets. Great characterisation, adventurous plot with the added touch of romance will ensure its success. You must try it!

Great read from a new Australian author!
This is an intriguing book full of family secrets, politics and adventure set in an exotic location. The story follows the central character, Eve, from Perth to Burma in a quest to uncover the mysteries of her father's past. 'Beyond Home' reminded me of a Bryce Courtney novel with its mix of history, travelogue and romance. Well worth a read!

A well-written, carefully composed and intriguing novel. A pleasure to read. Sometimes the reader will feel "predictability" (falling in love with captor, missing sister, long lost mother…) though the whole story and all events are incredible and, well, unpredictable ?. Does reality surpass fiction or the other way around?

From a loveless life in the Australian suburbs, this discovery of a family scrapbook leads Eve on a journey of adventure into the tropics where she finds her true love and much more. An engrossing tale of surprising connections and double crossings where human spirit is writ large.


Q – Where did the inspiration for Eve Robinson in Beyond Home come from?

A – The story and characters are fictional but the seed for the idea germinated from the fact that my father was born in Rangoon (the descendant of a British Baptist missionary). He and his five sisters were brought up in Rangoon in the foothills of the Himalayas. He spent his early life there before the nationwide strikes tore the country apart and the family decided to go to England. It was only a few years later that Japan occupied Burma. By that time he was in boarding school in England.
I created a ‘what if’ scenario around this. What if my father had had another life I didn’t know about?


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