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Ghost Squad 2 -Ghosts on the Loose: A Rest in Peace Crime Story, #2

120 pages1 hour


Detroit Police Detective Russ Baker is in charge of the Cold Cases and with his ghostly friend and partner, Wes Loomis, they have to solve murders to be able to send the victim’s spirits to the hereafter. Russ is given a case by his girlfriend Mary, who transfers from Missing Persons to work with Russ. Together they go out to find a missing boy who’s mother was murdered by his abductor. Wes is on the job tracking down leads but even he runs into problems. Too many leads that all end up blocked by criminals just ahead of them. Will they find the boy and his real mother? Is a TV preacher part of the crime? Will Wes turn his ghost friends loose on the killer?  Murder, mayhem, humor, ghosts galore, and lots of fun are in store in this paranormal ghost crime story by Bob Moats. This book is a novella.

ARC readers' reviews

 What an amazing premise...the ghosts of the murdered, coming back to help a cold case detective solve their murders. Great side effect? Our detective finds redemption in more ways than one. The dark humor is perfectly placed, and our hero is flawed in a very real way. Once again, Bob Moats has me on the edge of my seat, tapping my fingernails and waiting for the next book to come out! – Pamela Cooke Moore-O'Brien.

 I went into this thinking it was an interesting concept but not completely sold on the idea. Although, I really enjoyed the humor in this book. Nothing like having an annoying partner that is always around. You never know when he's going to pop in. Especially since he's a ghost. I couldn't put the book down. I never would have thought that I would enjoy a paranormal ghost crime story. This was a fun and humorous, quick read. I hope to see more from Russ and Wes. - Lisa Keller

 Bob, I think this is the best book ever. Love the team especially Wes. Please don't stop! I so enjoyed it. I enjoy reading Ed McBain but you give something special. - Shirley Alverez

 I love the Genre with the Ghost Squad solving cold case Murders, I particularly enjoyed that awaiting ghosts need cases solved to move along in the nether world. It looks Like Bob Moats has found an interesting concept in Mystery Writing that will peak the interest of readers looking for a change of Pace. The characters become developed as the story progresses and relationships build leading very interesting exchanges between the lead and his wispy side kick. Things progress at a very satisfying rate with cases solved and deceased moving along in the hereafter. I believe this will be a hit among the readers. The police Procedural is spot on and lend credence to the story as it progresses. Russ and Wes make a great team and my hope is to read more adventures bring resolution to interesting cold cases. A must have for both Bob Moats fans and Those looking for an unique story line in the Mystery/ Police Procedural Genre. Thanks Bob Keep up the Good work!! - Russ Holthaus

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