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"Yes sir."

"The mastery is strict in its rules because we teach you how to do things that could be as bad in the wrong hands as they are good in the right hands.

I can feel your uncertainty and concern. You need time to think about the offer, unfortunately, I have very little time to give you. I need to get checked into my lodging and do the business I was sent here to accomplish. Then I will be leaving the planet again tomorrow.

I can give you until tomorrow morning early if you are willing to accept a room in the lodging facility I am staying at. I can cover the lodging for this evening in return for you keeping watch over my room while I’m gone.

Would you be willing to do that?"

Zaable was confused and uncertain. This man was stern as a mining foreman one moment and then offering to pay for his lodging so he could have time to consider the offer the next. But something inside him told him that he must say yes to the offer and give the new information some time to settle in.

"Thank you sir for allowing me the time to consider my options. I would be honored to watch your room for you in repayment for that time."

"Excellent. It is a big decision and if you choose the mastery, your life path will be changed forever. It is appropriate that you take time to consider the offer.

But now we must go, I have commitments and you have much to think on."

They got up from the table and made their way back to the front of the restaurant where Arel’s father met them once more.

It was a pleasure to serve you Nar Master. Please remember us when you return this way.

Thank you, the meal was excellent.

The man bowed to Master M’Elv in much the same manner as his daughter had bowed earlier, and Master M’Elv nodded his head in response.

Zaable decided that given the easy manner in which Master M’Elv accepted the courtesy it must be the appropriate manner to show respect. But apparently it was not required of everyone because the man had not bowed when they entered, and no one else was bowing. He needed to study this more thoroughly. But it was probably better to err on the side of caution as long as the possibility existed that he might become an apprentice to this man.

They walked out of the restaurant and Master M’Elv again assumed his ground eating pace leaving Zaable to dodge people and push himself to keep up carrying both their bags.

A few minutes later they rounded a corner and Zaable missed a step as he saw the huge building they were heading for. This building clearly could have housed all the miners on the asteroid belt. It was positioned across two city blocks with the transport road they were walking along dead ending into the front of the building. When Zaable looked up he could not see the top of the building as it disappeared into the thick cloud cover that had accumulated while they were in the restaurant.

Are you still with me Zaable?

Uh.. Yes sir.

"Good, I am in a bit of a hurry, so we will check in and then I will leave for my appointment. I need you to get our bags to our rooms and then keep an eye on my room. There are rumors that a group opposed to the High Councilor’s plans is in the area, and caution is essential. No one should enter my room except you until I return.

Do you understand?"

"Yes sir, I understand.

Sir, is that building full of people?"

The rumble of laughter came once more.

Not always. It is temporary lodging for visitors. But at this time of the year, it is likely to be nearly full.

Sir, that whole building is for temporary lodging? How many people live here?

The laughter boomed for a moment, and then Master M’Elv turned to smile at him.

"The capital city here has just over 28 million people in it, but at the peak of the business season which is starting now, it grows to a little over 32 million people.

As the capital not only of the planet, but the seat of the solar system, there is a lot of commerce conducted here, especially during the warm months.

You should take advantage of the free time you will have this afternoon to do some research on the local economy. I would also consider looking up the commerce and facilities on Xuml, that is the planet master H’San and I are based on."

Yes sir, I will.

As they spoke Master M’Elv led them into a huge lobby area in the huge building. They were greeted at the door by a real human, a clear sign that this was an expensive place to lodge. The young man took their bags from Zaable and carried them over to the check-in desk and