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2012-2013 Pickford Young Writers Anthology of Short Stories and Poetry - Pickford Community Library Young Writers Workshop

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Welcome to the world of the Pickford Community Library. Come sit in the young adult corner designed by Chelsea Ross and Taylor Green. Take a place at the bright red octagonal table, sink into a lime green saucer chair, or cozy up on the blue dotted rug. Inspiration is here for the taking, and magical things are happening these days. Just witness the enchanting evidence in this e-anthology!

This e-book was proposed and developed under the professional guidance of Janet Beasley and Dar Bagby, the gifted author/illustrator sister team of the Hidden Earth series. These trailblazers have led workshops every other Thursday evening at the library and have donated countless additional hours of mentoring and instruction. They have developed an innovative outreach program in creative writing that gives students real insights into the world of publishing.

The students who have participated in the Pickford Community Library Young Writers Workshop project are AMAZING. Their creativity, scholarship, and dedication to their craft are boundless. We are honored to have this opportunity to showcase the creative visions of five members of the group: Katie Arman, Jessica Arman, Taylor Green, Amy Lehigh, and Bailey West. We foresee great futures for them in the literary world.

The mission of our library is to unite diverse groups in the community with enriching cultural experiences. The work of the young writers group has become a source of enlightenment for our entire community. It is a great joy to witness their artistic growth and development. May you delight in this work as well.

A wonderful adventure in reading awaits you—enjoy the journey!

Ann Marie Smith

Branch Manager, Pickford Community Library


The Pickford Young Writers Workshop is the brainchild of Ann Marie Smith, branch manager of the Pickford Community Library. Her insightful creation of the group and her willingness to promote it have given young writers in the community the opportunity not only to allow their literary creativity to flourish, but also to have it presented in published format for the public—the dream of every would-be author—by JLB Creatives.

The group owes much of its inspiration to Judge Elizabeth Church, Chippewa County Courts. Her belief in a strong education for young people motivated her to fund a teen corner in the Pickford Community Library and to be the honored guest and speaker at a meet-and-greet for young people in the library. Thanks to her generosity, the teen corner now has new furnishings.

Some very special people deserve the credit for seeing this book all the way to publication. Teachers and librarians at Pickford Schools promoted the formation of the group and gave their support throughout the school year. The instructors of the workshop sessions, Janet Beasley, author, and Dar Bagby, editor, volunteered their time to teach the group and to help the members prepare their works for publication. Connie Thompson, author and graphics specialist, donated her expertise in doing the anthology's layout and the creation of the cover text. Other very special people include the families of the Young Writers Workshop members; without their encouragement, the group would not have continued their dedication and attendance throughout the entire season.

Without the the above mentioned people and their excitement regarding this endeavor, the 2012-2013 Pickford Young Writers Workshop Anthology of Short Stories & Poetry would not exist, and the reading public would be deprived of the young talent that is so evident in the works found in this book.


by Dar Bagby

In the fall of 2012 Janet Beasley, author of the Hidden Earth series, an epic fantasy adventure for young adults, and I, illustrator and editor, co-instructed a one-time teen writers class at Pickford High School in Michigan. Since I live close to Pickford but Janet lives in Florida, she appeared live via Skype. We offered our expertise through a Q&A session, and our efforts paid off when the branch manager of the Pickford Community Library approached us about instructing a young writers workshop in the Teen Corner of the library. We were honored and ecstatic at being given the opportunity to provide young writers with the information they ultimately need to see their names and their words in print.

Our class consisted of six students, grades 9-12. We met every other week and, for one hour at each session, discussed various aspects of writing from creation to publication. Other renowned authors from Central Florida gave live presentations on Skype, and by springtime our dedicated future authors had written short stories to be published (by JLB Creatives Publishing) in this anthology, available to the public as a free e-book. Each of the writers underwent a one-on-one editing session, and one of the class members included her own illustrations to accompany her story. You will also find a special section at the end of the e-book dedicated to the survivors of the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, in December, 2012.

The young writers workshop is slated to continue each school year—fall to spring—culminating in publication of an anthology of its class members' literary output. If this inaugural e-book, 2012-2013 Pickford Young Writers Workshop Anthology of Short Stories & Poetry, is any indication of the talent represented by our local teens, it and the future e-books should be ones you will be proud to include in your e-library.


by Amy Lehigh

Sage looked up at the crescent moon, his white fur glowing in the light. He loved to look at the moon; no matter where he went with his friends in their travels, the moon always stayed the same. Plus,