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Meditation - Megan Coulter

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For my students and friends, who all selflessly helped me in writing this book. Special thanks to those who asked, insisted and assisted me in turning my ideas into this book form. All Rights Reserved 2012-2015 @ Megan Coulter.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1 - Introduction To Meditation

Chapter 2 - History of Meditation

Chapter 3 - How Meditation Works?

Chapter 4 - Benefits Of Meditation For Mind, Body And Soul

Chapter 5 - Types of Meditation – Their Origins & How to Do It

Chapter 6 - Easiest Meditation Techniques For Those Who Hate Sitting Still

Chapter 7 - Simple And Incredible Steps To Make Regular Meditation Your Habit & Stick With It

Publishers Notes



People have been trying to get into stillness and calmness in order to explore their inner selves for thousands of years. In this guide, I will introduce you to certain meditation techniques that can take you to the epic journey of self-awareness. Whether you are a beginner or meditating for several months or years, this guide will take your experience, and your mindfulness practice, to the whole new level.

I am sharing my personal experiences on the journey of Awakening along with the benefits of meditation in your emotional well-being, physical health and your spiritual self in this insightful guide. We will unleash the secrets of effortless meditation and explore what is supposed to happen when we actually close our eyes. I will share the wisdom of meditation in middle ages and modern world and the myths that are keeping you from practicing meditation. This book will guide you how to live an easier, happier and fun-filled life by just meditating for 2 minutes.

The old saying Silence is Golden stands true to meditation. In this modern world, it is really too hard to find silence and peace. Being a practitioner for over a year, I realized that meditation is an ultimate tool to quiet your mind within no time. Most of us have got a message from the history which is that Active Mind is Most Valuable Thing for Humans. We all need a creative and active mind to create, to achieve, to succeed and to enjoy a peaceful and healthy life. The benefits of having a calm mind are remarkable, though they are less appreciated and underrated.

When active mind and quiet mind are combined, they can add harmony and clarity to our awareness and we can explore the world more clearly and make revolutionary changes. In this insightful book, you will get to know all the popular and centuries-old meditation techniques that can help you take your mind from chaos to calmness. Just like we take a shower to clean our body, we need to meditate to clean our mind, so we can see the things in quite different angle. This change can enhance your capacity for well-being, happiness, love and creativity.

The chapters in this book contain insightful and detailed information to help you find the path to expand. So, explore the new techniques of meditation and choose the one you can relate to. This book will help you transform your constricted personality to the expanded self which is the purpose of meditation. Awaken your mind, body and soul and improve the lifestyle quality of yours and others around you.

Chapter 1 - Introduction To Meditation

Meditation may often be considered as a prayer or worship by ordinary people. Well, meditation is all about awareness. Being aware of anything is meditation. It is an art of calming your mind. Once your mind is calm, you can increase focus and feel the inner peace in the midst of chaos. You may listen to your breath or the birds chirping along. Any activity you do which is free from any other disturbance to your mind is called as effective meditation. Meditation is a way of life. It is the end of your thought process. You meditate when your mind is free of different patterns and scattered thoughts and is conscious of anything.

These days, people consider meditation as a spiritual practice which is performed when you sit still with eyes closed. Actually, this activity empties the mind and helps you attain the relaxation and inner peace. Listening to music is meditation for some people. While gardening and jogging