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Reformed Hero

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Deandra Kelley was on the way to a cute little house in small town Texas. At four months pregnant and married to a great man, who loved and spoiled her, she had a great life. Then tragedy struck. Two cars hit her husband's car and killed him on impact.

Deandra is confused, hurt, and scared. Strong, gentle hands lift her from the wreckage, and compassionate blue eyes look down into hers. Owen Sanger holds her in his arms and on his lap until the ambulance arrives.

In an instant, Owen is her hero and the lifeline that keeps Deandra sane. While Deandra just wants to heal after her loss, she can't deny the attraction she feels for Owen. Even if she's just feeling lonely and weak, she wants to keep him close. Too bad Owen's ex is ready to burst Deandra's bubble and let her know the ugly truth about Owen's past.

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