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The Mystery of the Body in the Shed - Sandra Baublitz

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Clarissa and Paw are curled up by a cozy fire as Christmas nears. In this season of love and giving, their ideal holiday is shattered when Clarissa discovers a dead man in her elderly neighbor's shed.

Who is he? Why was he killed? And who would dump a body at a senior citizen's house?

When Clarissa's uncle, the local police chief, arrests the woman's grandson, she begs Clarissa to clear his name. With an eye for trouble and Paw's doggy nose for clues, they investigate.

But Clarissa is shadowed by a handsome detective her uncle hired to protect her. Can she and Paw elude their protector and unleash their detecting skills before another death?

Will they cage the killer or will they end up dead in the shed too?

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Mastiffs, Mystery, and Murder

The Mystery of the Body in the Shed

A Dog Detective Series

Sandra Baublitz

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The Mystery of the Body in the Shed

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