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Mage Fade (The Mage of Elves) - C.J Thompson

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Chapter One

Watching the flames, I tried to pretend everything was normal. The hissing and popping sounds almost covered the crunching of his footsteps as he got closer. Rubbing my hands together, I looked over at Gavin while shaking my head. This is why we don't build fires. Didn't I tell you earlier what would happen if we built a fire?

His blue eyes looked down at the ground as he struggled to come up with a reply. With a sudden gust of wind, his dark hair flew around in all directions as he curled into a ball searching for warmth. I held my hand in the air to block the brilliant sunshine as I tried my best to locate the hunter.

We still got time, I said. Did you hear me?

There was no reply as Gavin continued staring at the ground. Then, he looked up as his lips quivered. I'm tired of running, he said. Why are we always running? I just want to be free again. You said we would be free by now, when is it going to happen?

Grabbing his arm, there was no time to waste as we took off running. The cold air flooded into my lungs as we ran faster and faster. There weren't many hiding spots with the land being so bare. With every step I took, my vision rattled as I scanned back and fourth looking for one of our holes.

There's one! I yelled as I slid knee first into the cold grey dirt. You go first and I'll be right in.

Gavin crawled into the small hole as I quickly followed. It was only about four feet deep and just wide enough for the both of us. The holes were our only means of survival in the Greylands. We started digging them whenever we ran into trouble. One hole led to another, and eventually, we started digging them to prepare for trouble.

I looked over at Gavin while putting my finger on my lips. Slowly, I raised my head until my eyes were just high enough to see out of the hole. The Greylands allowed me to see much further than one would expect. No trees and barely any grass at all, well, you could see anything that was alive with ease.

I lowered my head back into the hole as I glanced over at Gavin. I think we lost him, I said. Then, I put my arm around his shoulder, as I wiped a little dirt from his shirt. He had the same outfit on from the day that it happened. His blue pants and white shirt were now grey from the dirt that had slowly accumulated on him.

Playfully, I punched him in the shoulder with a gentle smile. Don't worry. Things are gonna get better. I promise, I said. Once we arrive at Tilton, you'll get new clothes. I heard they give every single elf a brand new pair of clothes. It's part of their system. Even if they don't, I'll make sure you get a new outfit.

Gavin laughed as he gently punched me back. Wasn't your shirt green? he asked. Don't worry, if they don't give me clothes, I can get my own. I don't always need your help Edmund, I just wish we could finally get to Tilton. I'm just so tired of waiting.

We will be free soon enough, I replied. Tilton isn't far from here. I can feel it. Once we get out of the Greylands we will be safe. Then we can finally live a normal life again. Just like old times.

Gavin blew his breath on me as my head turned into a cloud of smoke. I'm cold, he said as he leaned into me. "We better hurry up and find Tilton before one of these hunters send us to a labor camp. Even if that doesn't happen, we'll