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A crescendo of inspirational music alerted Cecilia that her mobile phone resting on the car seat required her attention.

In some sense the the music gave a picture of the mobile’s owner as she too demanded interest. She was like this gorgeous symphony, stylish and colourful and at thirty seven this woman created her own visual unforgettable picture of female beauty.

Certainly Cecilia was seen to be beautiful throughout her teenage years; nevertheless as her years progressed her beauty remained, if anything because she was well funded, she was able to preserve a solid beauty regime. She had a style and the dedication to convey her cover girl look where ever she was seen. In a modern sense, she was a knockout.

Her secret Cecilia Clown paid attention to her appearance; on how she looked day to day ruled her life completely. In the mornings she would shower using only cool water and this was followed by a lightly fragranced liquid body moisturiser. This liquid would be spread over her entire body, and she would spend as much time as was needed to ensure it was effective, and then she would carefully check out how she looked in the full length mirror.

Any sign of hair, under her arms or down below would be carefully eliminated; she was also aware that skin could be easily scraped and marked so she would take extra care while attending to this chore.

Brushing her hair for about ten minutes each morning was mandatory however it was her regular visits to Andre’s beauty salon that kept her hair cut to shoulder length and fabulously golden blond.

With her trim fit figure it would be easy to think or believe that Cecilia Clown was still in her twenties, and no matter where she went, be it shopping or on the golf course her blond hair and her smart attire always drew people towards her.

Yet she was an enigma, being perfectly at home in a burger bar or in an upmarket restaurant, and she had an easy friendly way with her, one that belied her smart appearance and serene beauty.

The mobile continued its orchestral delight unsuppressed, Cecilia Clown breathed damn, and then she pulled the red coupe over to the side of the road, and with her vehicle parked and the engine switch off she paid attention to the noisy culprit, where with the touch of her finger the orchestra was stifled

She was anticipating or hoping that it was her husband calling, however as she looked at the monitor, she was disappointed, yet she was not surprised and she grimaced as she took into account the circumstances of last night. Abruptly it came to mind that her husband might never call her again.

Oh God she sighed, What a mess, what an awful mess I’ve made of things, this is going to take some sorting out.

Hi Cecilia, says the voice on the phone, " I had to call you, I couldn’t wait any longer, I mean there was a decent crowd at the party last night, and the music they played was just great. I saw Kirby’s wife leave the party with with her sister, and minutes later I saw Kirby rush away. I’ve got to say it’s not like Kirby to leave a party like that, he usually leaves with a fanfare, and says goodbye to everybody.

So what happened, I know you went out to the smoker’s patio, I mean you were gone a long time, I know that because I saw your husband searching for you. He actually saw me as I was at the bar and he asked me if I had seen you. He said, he was worried about you, as you were not in the smokers den. So what happened, first Kirby’s wife leaves, and then Kirby ran out of the place like he had seen a ghost."

Anna waits in silence, and then she says, Cecilia I can only guess, David caught you with Kirby, am I right.

Slowly a response came, Yeah Anna, something like that, and Cecilia stayed silent for a moment, and then she spoke. Last night was a… fucking tragedy; I don’t know what will happen now, I was so stupid, I can tell you what happened, should never have happened. It was that stupid Kirby’s fault; last night really screwed things up. My Husband is really upset.

Anna broke back into the conversation, she eagerly saying Don’t tell me you were with Kirby like that, I mean, for God’s sake Cecilia, David was there with you at the party, he was just a door away. You couldn’t, you wouldn’t do something like that. Oh shit, you were. I’m not surprised your husbands upset; mine would want to kill me. So David caught you out.

Anna waited for an answer, but none came, so she carried on talking, Cecilia I’m not surprised it had to come, you guys have been playing with fire for a long time. I don’t wish to sum up or pass judgement on you, but I think everybody knows, ‘that is apart from your husband’, that you and Kirby have been an item for yonks. David has been like the blind man in a crowd, the only one not knowing what was going on, perhaps now his eyes have been opened.

Yeah, but how much said Cecilia.

Anyhow, says Anna, reviving the conversation, When I saw David he asked me if I had seen you around, and I told him that you would be on the smoker’s patio. So what happened?

Okay, said Cecilia, I can tell you, you were right with your summing up, and I admit I have succeeded in putting my husband in a terrible position, and then she hesitated as she recalled events.

"The night was going perfectly, David and I spent a little time on the dance floor, and then I suggested another drink would go down well, and that was when David went to the bar.

I was waiting for David to return when Kirby suddenly appeared and pulled me out onto the dance floor. As we were dancing he said he’d missed me and he urgently wanted to talk to me, and he suggested we could meet for ten minutes or so over a cigarette, and that he could meet me on the smoker’s patio.

On the next break in the music, I saw Kirby waving a pack of cigarettes at me, so I told David that I was going out to the smokers den for a few minutes for a cigarette. We all know how much David hates cigarettes; he is always saying that he has never had a cigarette, and that he can’t stand them. There’s no way David would want to enter the smoker’s area.

A few minutes later I followed Kirby out to the smoker’s patio, and you wouldn’t believe it, I reckon every man and his dog was out there, the place was packed, and there was nowhere to sit or talk, so Kirby suggested the pool garden.

The pool garden was in darkness as it was after ten, Kirby said we can talk by the pool without being disturbed, and he found one of those wooden lounger seats, this one had a canvas cushioned covering on it, so we sat there and talked.

You know how it is, one thing leads to another, what can I say; we were over confident, and I was stupid, and Kirby was as ever bloody insistent, and fool me, I let him go further."

I know that pool area, said Anna, It’s a nice place for lunch.

Cecilia laughed, "Yeah well I can tell you, Kirby wasn’t there for lunch or dinner, he had that other thing on his mind. My God Anna, we were like a couple of teenagers, there we were in the dark, it was just like we were doing it for the first time.

I can tell you, I was anxious, as we had taken risks before, however my lustful donkey, and Cecilia laughed, as she said, I’m sure you can guess the donkey thing, he just would not give up and so I let him have his way with me. It was funny really, as just as he was working up to to achieving his moment of truth, the door that leads into the pool garden suddenly opened, and we hear my husband calling out for me.

"Oh fuck I nearly died as I heard David’s voice, in shock I leapt up, and poor Kirby, well he lost his balance and fell heavily onto the lawn, it was so bloody dark, I couldn’t see Kirby. Anyhow it got worse because as the door opened wider more light sort of flashed across the lawn. I reckon my sparkly dress must have stood out like elephants balls.

Fortunately that door was one of those self-closing doors, so as he walked forward calling out for me, the light disappeared, and that was just as well as it gave us time to tidy up, and then like a fool I rushed forward with a cigarette in my hand.

David said, He’d been looking for me and that I had been gone for a long time, and was I okay, and then he asked if Kirby was with me.

Kirby must have heard him, because a moment or two later he appeared out of the dark, and