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Faery Tales Volume 1

165 pages2 hours


Fairy tales tell us timeless stories rooted in myth and legend—stories of heroes and heroines who save the day, or cautionary tales that serve as dire warnings not to stray from the beaten path. Modern fairy tales reveal the mysterious in our own world, alive and shining, calling us to open our hearts and minds so that we can see it.

Sink into this volume of stories, fraught with wild danger, love, and joy. Meet the characters of The Faery Chronicles on their own terms: The notorious serpent from the Garden of Eden, cursed into human form and immortal, whose magic can heal or kill. The rock’n’roll singer whose magical siren voice doomed her to lose her humanity—and her ability to love. The wise-cracking girl, too smart for her own good, whose curiosity makes her the target of a god. The Faery Seer who enforces the peace among humans, faeries, angels, and demons, faced with the one thing he has no clue how to fight.

Includes The Faery Chronicles stories Snakebite, Breathless, Blood to Blood, Phoenix, and Girl in Black.

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