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Impregnation And Interracial Erotica

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Six erotic short stories by Sophie Sin. Included are the story of a hot cult orgy that ends dripping wet, three men on the prowl for a woman to impregnate for the fun of it, Joanna finding romance in a handsome big black man, and many more. There is something for everyone within!

'Impregnation And Interracial Erotica' contains six stories:

# Cult of Impregnation (Orgy)
We - the cult of impregnation - will get her pregnant. Her doctors says it cannot be done, but medical science sometimes assumes too much. With enough liquid anything can be achieved. This story is dripping with filthy thought inspiring content for your enjoyment.

# Fill Her Up (Romance)
I said I'd do anything for a child, but this is not what I had in mind. Being married to a scientist has its quirks. A jar of white goo, a hole, a large funnel and a big black device are our tools. How did I get myself into this?

# Heaven On Earth (Orgy)
Three men on the prowl for a woman to pour their seed into and create the babies that they all so strongly desire. The Human Evolution Project is here to filthy up your e-readers with a philosophy most will admit is not half bad. A wild four person fling.

# Joanna And Her Sweet Cakes (Interracial)
A life of cats, romance novels and cakes is not enough. One woman seeks solace from the choices that were made for her in the arms of a hot man named Adonis. Chocolate cake magic!

# The Beast of Impregnation (Obsession)
My life... I became a beast and I impregnate for fun. In the innermost reaches of the human mind there are things we don't want to – dare not show – Sophie Sin shows you them: Wild, willing and filthy. Do you dare not indulge?

# Two Devious Men (Obsession)
The beach is hot and the sand is like lava under our feet. “Must find one, must find one,” I've been muttering for awhile to Harry, my partner in this kinky game we play with the tourists of Thailand. It's then that Miss Gorgeous American steps out on to the sand. Two men and one woman, will we have enough to get her pregnant as we hope?

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