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Rising Sun

451 pages9 hours


In the heart of downtown Chicago, Ashe thought he had left the nightmares of the past in Ireland, until he finds himself in the grips of evil once again. His savior this time around, is a mysterious silver-haired beauty whose very presence rattles him to the bone. As the weeks pass, his desires for her grow, as does his body’s cravings for blood and revenge against the monsters who prey on the innocent. As a member of the League of Guardians ––Bels has one mission, and only one mission; to protect the Darkling at all cost. Staying close to Ashe isn’t the problem. Keeping away from him, is. The closer they become, and the more she tries to deny the secret longing in her heart, the harder he proves, she can’t. When a complication in Ashe’s DNA arises, she’s faced with the harsh reality that not even her love might be able save him from the fate awaiting him.

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