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Into the Mystic/ The Beginning

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Page climbs the spiral stone staircase leading to the tower. She reaches the final step and pauses. Opening the door, she looks around the room. Steeping inside and closing it behind her. She moves to the center of the room. Pausing for a brief time with her hands at her side she begins the ritual. Raise her arms in a sweeping motion she begins to speak,
‘Powers of the Blessed be joined together and come to me.
Candles light, burning bright give your me your gift of second sight.’
The candles in the room light spontaneously and the air grows misty. A crystal ball appears to be hanging in the mist suspended by the haze itself. As her hands reach their destination above her head she clasps them together, her body begins to turn transparent as if becoming one with the mist. As she begins to disappear the ball begins to grow and spin. She is becoming part of the sphere and the mist itself. The scenery around her begins to change. There is a grove of trees that now surround her and they are whispering. She sits in the center of the ring and begins the search for answers. Thinking first to herself first then speaking very loudly to the trees. ‘What is this draw that Luke and Nicole have for each other? ‘A green mist creeps around the base of the trees as though it comes from the earth itself and surrounds her, the whispers grow louder. The words are inaudible at first but then become very clear. The voices of many women speak in unison to her, ‘The power that the two possess is insurmountable. It cannot be contained. As they grow closer so does their power. The love that they share and have shared since the day they first came into existence has carried itself through the lives they have lived. It begins again in every life. One carries the other as it rotates. While one can live without the other later in their journey the beginning and middle they must do together. It is imperative that they become one with each other. You have been told this before. Why do you fight so?’ As Page listens to what is being said, other questions form in her mind. Speaking softer then before she asks,
‘I am not fighting it I just thought it would be different then it is.

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