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Seducing Strangers

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Blake Hall and his wife, Glory, seem at first glance to be a typical young, thirty-something couple; hard-working, striving to get ahead. Their only diversion appears to be the occasional Saturday night out on the town, spent at various pubs, lounges, and bars where there is a dance floor and a lively crowd.

But were someone to look more closely at this attractive couple, they would see that it is Glory who does all of the dancing, pretending to be by herself, not even acknowledging her husband’s presence as he watches her flirt unabashedly with man after man all night long, carefully choosing the one she will eventually reward at night’s end. What will his prize be for being the hottest, sexiest man Glory has met that night?

That reward is evolving, as the Hall’s wife-watching fetish evolves. Because every week, Glory dresses just a little more suggestively, and goes just a little further with her conquests, moving past teasing on the dance floor, past mere dirty dancing, and then past steamy soul-kisses while the lucky man’s hands are roaming unrestrained all over her lush little body.

When our story opens, the Halls are at a crossroads; Glory is ready to reward her “man of the night” with anything but actual penetration, while Blake watches and then sweeps his wife home and has off-the-charts hot sex with her. Just how far will the two of them go in their constant pursuit of pleasure, and of even greater thrills?

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