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Becoming a Bad Girl

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Cathy Walton feels increasingly adrift amid in her growing marital problems and dissatisfaction with her life in Las Vegas, where her husband has a new, prestigious job as Regional Manager for a national pharmacy chain. Caught up in his new responsibilities, in a brand new city, Ron Walton ignores her for weeks on end, both as his life partner and sexually

And then she meets dashing, handsome, dangerous Richie Vittone. He takes the beautiful, naïve Cathy under his wing and shows her the wild side of Sin City. Richie is sexy, fun, and oh, so tempting.

Her taboo dates with him are all about late-night dinners in swanky restaurants--where everyone knows Richie’s name and caters to him—dancing the night away at exclusive, members-only clubs, wild, outlandish house parties at mansions where the booze and cocaine flow unrestricted, and choice seats on opening nights for every headliner in town.

Cathy is dazzled and enthralled by it all and is soon carrying a few grams of pure, pharmaceutical grade coke in her purse at all time, just for fun, and sleeping with Richie on an almost nightly basis. A very practical girl, Cathy doesn’t love her new boyfriend, but she is entranced to be with him.

Will her cheating, exhilarating, forbidden fling with Richie wreck her marriage and her life? Will her newfound love for the wild, exotic nightlife of Las Vegas change her for forever? And will her growing coke habit ruin her life, or perhaps even end it?

CAUTION: This story contains descriptions of recreational drug use, a depiction of growing cocaine addiction, and graphic descriptions of oral and anal sex. If such stories offend you, please to not purchase this work of fiction.

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