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Honorable Assassin (Book 2)

221 pages3 hours


When Private Investigators Milo Starr and Jordan Sutton accept their newest assignment, little did they know that they would come face-to-face with “Whisper,” the world’s highest-paid assassin. Their job seemed simple clear the names of a notorious Los Angeles gang who has been falsely accused of several retirement home invasions, and robberies; however, the investigators learn all too soon that “Whisper” has an agenda all her own. The hired gun has flown to the City of Angels to kill the leader of the gang, the very person that Sutton and Starr are trying to prove is innocent.

As Sutton and Starr move cautiously to work the case, they soon find that their efforts are thwarted by a series of anonymous messages from a mysterious source – a second killer, determined to silence the pair permanently and make sure that the truth is never known.

At the eleventh hour, the pair receives help from the most unusual of sources as “Whisper” herself alerts Sutton and Starr to the existence of a second hit squad targeting them and the group they are working to clear. As “Whisper” begins to prove that she truly is an “Honorable Assassin,” the Private Investigators suddenly find themselves in a race against the clock as they attempt to uncover the truth before the second hit man takes his aim.

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