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Once a cougar gets her claws into him, his only choice is to run like hell or submit to her unfathomable dominance. Her pleasure will become his only reason for existing. Silver adds a new dimension to the game by forcing the cub to grow up. She can’t stand an immature boy who doesn’t know how to please his woman. She’s a sadistic, selfish and manipulative lady.

Edith, by contrast, has a boring life. Since a recent breakup she’s been struggling to pay her bills. In the hope of earning a bit extra, she advertises her typing skills. Silver calls her—and in typical fashion demands far more than Edith is willing to give. Silver wants Edith to ghost-write a book about her exploits with her cub. She pays well. Reluctantly, Edith agrees. And so begins her education in things she’d rather not even think about.

Perhaps Edith’s innocence rubs off on Silver, because she starts to realise her cub is a one-in-a million kind of guy. She wants to let her guard down and love him the way he’s always loved her. But is it too late for that? Silver’s passion rushes to its shocking climax... and Edith’s love for her own partner is tested by Silver’s gorgeous cub.

Silver is erotic romance at its best, with a touch of everything from vanilla to cougar and BDSM sex.

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