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The Destiny of a Huntress

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Willamina Baxter aka Wab has been dating Troy Fuster for two years. He is a talented tattoo artist and she is a twenty three year old woman who is still trying to figure out her place in life. Their plans to spend their future together have been put on hold by Troy’s mother’s attempted suicide.

When Troy returns home from a tattooing convention Wab is overjoyed, but that joy is soon stifled as she meets Troy’s older brother Lance. There is something about Lance that sets off her inner alarms.

Lance is a black witch with very strong magic and psychic abilities. When he wages war on Wab she realizes that she needs to strengthen her own abilities to keep herself alive. Unfortunately, Wab has ignored her natural gifts. When Lance tries to kill her, she seeks out the help of a friend’s older sister, who is deeply into white magic. But will the brief training she undergoes be enough to save her and the man she loves?

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