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Appearing Before a Royal Commission

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Know more about the laws surrounding Royal Commissions in Victoria, Australia. As executive bodies with powers independent from those of a judge, Royal Commissions entail legal procedures that are unique from the usual criminal court processes. They are formed to investigate on matters of high public importance including controversial cases on a variety of issues.

If you have been summonsed to appear before a Royal Commission, you need expert legal representation to help you understand the rules of Royal Commission hearings. This ebook is a great resource of information on the nature and functions of Royal Commissions. Learn what to do when appearing before hearings. How do you prepare? What offences can you be charged with related to Royal Commission appearances? What are the maximum penalties for each of these offences?

Written by accredited criminal law specialist Conor O'Brien, this ebook was designed to help readers gain an understanding of how Royal Commissions function in Victoria, Australia.

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