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The True Magic Magazine addon #1

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In the issue I will present you very interesting device which is called Kacher. Some electronics engineers assume that this a conventional blocking-oscillator but the Kacher is working even if you put coils of the oscillator perpendicular to each other or remove them on considerable distance from each other and it still continues to work even if you will hide its coils into a Faraday cage.
If to join the kacher to Tesla coil you will get combined device “Kacher of Tesla-Brovin” which also in further will be called kacher. This is a Tesla transformer, where transistor is used instead of the spark gap, on base of which there is negative feedback, which provides automatic tuning to resonance.
The scheme of the device is so simple that anyone can assemble it. With this device you can carry out a lot of interesting experiments and get different effects.
In the end of the issue you will find interesting bonus - mandala “Wheel”. You may mentally program it on the utilizing and distribution of energy (from different sources) and on other needs and the “Wheel” is able to do very much including conversion of different types of energy, frequency and many other things.

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